Conspiracy Theory.
Haiku of the day

Graveyard consciousness,

My thoughts are old and dry bones,

Grey tombstone, grey eyes.

Haiku of the day

What does love taste like?

I want to consume you whole,

Ingest your being.

Turn away.

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Have you ever felt so - 



But then you were like - 




Haiku of the day (month, year)

Crack in the pavement,

Crack in my head, like a fault,

Lost in my own home.

I had a dream that I killed a girl last night. I stabbed and cut her throat. I didn’t get the feeling that I hated her or even disliked her. She had her hair in a bun. It was dark hair.

I’d forgotten it until about halfway through the morning when I had a flash of memory in my head of a girl with a flap of skin hanging off her neck.

Does it mean anything, I wonder?

Luckily I have a .gif that applies.


"You would do it, You would say it, You’d mean it"