Conspiracy Theory.

Intense tune - 

Scratch Massive ft. Koudlam - Waiting for a Sign

Pleasing finale

Pleasing finale

Haiku of the day

Take a deep breath in,

Make every movement slow,

Take a deep breath out.

Haiku of the day

Be responsible,

Look forward to your Summer,

Long for solitude.

Haiku of the day

I am two halves made,
One half dull, the other dust,
No longer a whole.

Haiku of the day

Full stomach, full heart,

Empty wallet, empty soul,

Two beds but no sleep.

Haiku of the day

Money makes you thick,

Junk to store, junk to consume,

Burn notes, cut your cards.

Haiku of the day

Rain and clouds today,

Yesterday and tomorrow,

Mercury Summer.

Haiku of the day

Graveyard consciousness,

My thoughts are old and dry bones,

Grey tombstone, grey eyes.